Ansible Tower


Red Hat Ansible

Red Hat® Ansible® Tower helps you scale IT automation, manage complex deployments and speed productivity. Centralize and control your IT infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, integrated notifications and graphical inventory management. And Ansible Tower's REST API and CLI make it easy to embed Ansible Tower into existing tools and processes. 

ANSIBLE TOWER DASHBOARD - view of your entire Ansible environment at any time..

Real time job output:  Watch your Ansible Playbook jobs update in real-time

Remote command execution:  Execute simple Ansible tasks on your inventory on an as-needed basis

Job scheduling:  Schedule Playbooks to run at a specific time or to repeat

Pull from Source Control:  Pull and sync your Playbooks and Inventories from Git, SVN, or Mercurial

Visual Inventory Management:  View your inventory and sync with Amazon, GCE, Rackspace, Azure, VMware,  OpenStack,  Red Hat Satellite and CloudForms, or your own custom source

Run-Time Job Prompting:  Provide credentials, inventory, limits, tags, and more at job launch

Built-In Notification:  Get Playbook run status automatically via Slack, HipChat, email, custom webhooks..

Workflows:  Build multi-Playbook workflows right in Ansible Tower without having to create a new Playbook


Role-Base Access Control - Easily control who can run what tasks on what inventory

Ansilbe Tower Dashboard - See a summary view of your entire Ansible environment at any time

Credential Security - Securely encrypt secrets and delegate tasks without exposing them

Custom Credentials  - Define custom credential types to be used with inventory and playbooks

Integration with Network Accounts - Pull users and teams from Google Apps and GitHub

Integration with Enterprise Accounts - Pull users and teams from your LDAP or Active Directory server. Integrate with your existing SAML 2.0 and RADIUS authentication

Audit Trail - Activity streams on every page show who did what - and when

Multi-Tennacy - Use multiple organizations with full privilege separation

Logging and Analytics Integration - Automatically export System Tracking and Ansible Tower Job run output to an endpoint of your choosing such as Splunk, ElasticSearch, SumoLogic and others


ROLE-BASED ACCESS CONTROL - Easily delegate Inventory, Credentials, or Playbooks to users

PUSH-BUTTON JOB RUNS - Launch Ansible Playbooks from the web UI and delegate Playbook runs to team members

PORTAL MODE - Simplified view for delegated users

SURVEYS: EASY FORM-BUILDER - Quickly build forms to request job variables from Ansible Tower users


INSTALLATION SUPPORT - Get you up and running with Ansible and Ansible Tower

ENTERPRISE SUPPORT - 8x5 support , PREMIUM SUPPORT - 24x7 support (with premium edition)

ANSIBLE ENGINE BUNDLE - Support for Ansible executable engine and select core modules and plugin


FULLY-DOCUMENTED REST API & TOWER-CLI - Integrate Ansible Tower into your existing toolset with the fully-documented API and tower-cli API wrapper

MAINTENANCE AND UPGRADES - Full access to bugfix and upgrade releases

SCALE-OUT CLUSTERING - Set up Ansible Tower for active/active redundancy and job scale-out